Sunday, 15 December 2013

Police Enter Home Without Knocking, Shoot 16-Year-Old Senior Dog

Angel Fretwell describes her family’s 16-year-old senior dog, Belle, as gentle, with a caring soul that would never hurt anyone and never has. Now the family are looking for answers as to why their beloved furry family member was shot by Baldwin County Police at their home in Rabun, Alabama.

Last month, four deputies from the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department were serving a warrant at Fretwell’s brother’s home. Upon entering the home, unannounced and without knocking, they were met by Belle, the family dog.

Belle is a 16-year-old senior pit bull, she has no teeth left in her mouth, and can barely get around in her old age. She’s lived to see generations of the family grow up and now the family are hoping she’ll live through being shot by police.

A spokesperson for the Baldwin Country Sheriff’s Department says Belle “came after them” and that “they feared for their lives” when she was shot. But, Fretwell told WPMI 15 News that Belle was actually trying to run away from them when she was shot in the shoulder.

What’s more, after Belle was shot, police would not let the family enter the home or provide care to the dog for another hour while the senior lay bleeding.

Belle was eventually taken to the nearby Bay Minette Animal Clinic for surgery, where veterinarians said she may survive, but will lose her leg. 
Baldwin County Sheriffs are investigating the incident. Fretwell’s brother has yet to be

It’s clear that police nationwide have little-to-no training in animal behavior and handling. This “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality so common with law enforcement that encounter family pets on the job MUST stop.


  1. Un-freaking-believable!! Firing a gun should be the LAST resort, not the first inclination!!!!!

  2. Justice should be served by allowing this dog to watch as its family gets to shoot each of the officers in the leg and let them bleed for an hour without medical attention!!!

  3. This is a shame. I applaud the family for wanting to save their pet. At the same time I have to look at the facts that the dog is 16 years old and "can barely get around" is it worth putting her through the pain of an amputation and the recovery at her age. It would be kinder to put her down and sue the police.

    Also she's been around "to see generations of the family grow up" umm, no the dog is 16 she may have been around to see kids become adults and have their own kids. But that is not being around to see generations as the "s" implies multiple.

    This is sensationalized writing, not factual.

  4. This is alabama where police shoot for fun. Baldwin county is a reneck area.