Thursday, 18 July 2013

Texas dog, used as 'target practice' survives multiple shootings

A severely injured dog, who had been shot over two dozen times, was rescued in Longview, Texas, reported Wednesday's KLTV News.

The pit bull mix, dubbed "Spike Dillinger," was found wandering near Richardson and Green Street and was picked up by animal control officers, who transferred him to the Humane Society of Northwest Texas.

On Wednesday, Spike underwent surgery to remove the numerous pellets which were scattered across his face.

Veterinarians at the Kimbrough Animal Hospital had to remove one of Spike's eyes due to the extensive trauma.

Based on the injuries, it is believed that someone repeatedly shot at the dog while he was tied up or otherwise restrained - essentially using Spike for target practice.

Spike is currently being cared for by volunteers with the Humane Society of Northeast Texas, however, the facility is searching for a foster home for Spike to recover in.

Anyone interested in fostering, or adopting Spike, is asked to call 903-297-2170 or email

Longview police are investigating this case of cruelty. Anyone with tips or information is asked to call: (903) 237-1199.


  1. Pauvre loulou honte aux gens capable de telles horreurs... j'espère qu'il a trouvé une bonne famille maintenant.